Sunday, July 24, 2011


My mother says that there are some people that cook out of duty and others that cook out of inspiration. According to her (and I couldn't agree more), my father and I are the latter. We are the kind of folks that enter the kitchen on a whim and leave it a mess, but out of that mess some sort of edible something is born.

Well, nowadays what comes out is edible...most of the time. We won't talk about the lemon refrigerator cookies, cheesy cornbread, or the apple cake a friend and I baked back in jr high. It was pretty bad. Trust me. 

Anyhow, after my milk incident from the other night, I was utterly frustrated. I couldn't finish my meal because my mouth was still burning quite a bit. My stomach felt awful. I was a pretty pitiful sight, just ask Leroy. I went to the kitchen pulled out a bag of frozen peaches, strawberries, and bananas from the freezer. I tossed about a cup's worth into the blender adding just enough sugar free fruit juice as to not break the blades.

Here was the result.

Though it was a little melted by the time I took the pic, the actual result was quite creamy and delightful. The bananas and the fact that the fruit was frozen created just enough magic to make the mixture as creamy as ice cream. It tasted pretty darn good too. 

Estimated calorie count?
About 85.

Eat your heart out Haagen Daz. Sometimes cooking with inspiration pays off. 

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