Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is it about a little black dress?

What is it about wearing a tuxedo or that little black dress, that makes us feel confident, beautiful, splendid, even invincible? 

We put on formal wear and suddenly we become extraordinary. 

On the days when you feel low and invisible, why not try this on for size: imagine you are wearing a fantastic tailored tuxedo or a stunning formal gown. 

And then proceed with your day." 
 Vera Nazarian (The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gaining. On both sides of the scale.

I've lost and gained the same 4-5lbs all throughout May and now June. Think of a hamster wheel, and yes, I'm your hamster. 

I've been talking a big talk with this whole weight loss thing, and with big talk comes big pressure. I don't blame you. I don't blame me. It's just one of those things that come with the territory. In my attempt to inspire, I may have disappointed. For this I'm sorry. 

Here's the thing though. 
Here's what clicked for me today. 
Jesus loves me. 
He loves me whether I eat meat, bread, gluten, cookies, or fried fish. Certainly taking good care of my body honors Him, I won't renege on that. It's just that whether I die at age 70 as a healthy skinny-mini or as a 25 old morbidly obese woman, He loves me just the same and His will is perfect just the same. 

My mid week weigh in was a bust, and yes I was upset. My husband held me close, looked up at me, and said,"I still think you're beautiful." His love soothes me and encourages me to keep going regardless.

It's the same thing with God when we fail. Others may be disappointed, and rightfully so. However, His righteousness covers us and His love inspires us to grow as His beloved. 

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

If love is the driving force of my weight loss journey, and more importantly my walk with Christ, I must get this. 

To God be the glory, I think I do. 

Do you?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Foods I never knew I loved (until now, of course).

Photo from

1. Chocolate covered bananas (almost makes me forget my love of ice cream)
2. Coconut milk chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (two words: PORTION CONTROL)
3. Roasted mushrooms (Mmmmm.....)
4. Peanuts for breakfast (A small portion w/fresh fruit and coffee = ENERGY!)
5. Thin crust, CHEESELESS, veggie pizza (Don't knock it until you've tried it my friend. Love it.)
6. Hard taco shells (a low-er gluten wonder)
7. Coconut milk (add tea, honey, and ENJOY!)
8. Unanimous Decision (Veggie taco from Moe's. You have no idea what you are missing! I definitely don't miss meat on this taco.)
9. Lettuce and spinach blend for salads (A little extra fiber + a little extra hydration = winning!)
10. Shredded coconut (Oh where have you been all my life! 1 tsp = 0 pts sweet pick-me-up)

Moral of the story: Explore foods. Make it an adventure to try healthier foods. You may find that some are much tastier than you think. ;)