Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Foods I never knew I loved (until now, of course).

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1. Chocolate covered bananas (almost makes me forget my love of ice cream)
2. Coconut milk chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (two words: PORTION CONTROL)
3. Roasted mushrooms (Mmmmm.....)
4. Peanuts for breakfast (A small portion w/fresh fruit and coffee = ENERGY!)
5. Thin crust, CHEESELESS, veggie pizza (Don't knock it until you've tried it my friend. Love it.)
6. Hard taco shells (a low-er gluten wonder)
7. Coconut milk (add tea, honey, and ENJOY!)
8. Unanimous Decision (Veggie taco from Moe's. You have no idea what you are missing! I definitely don't miss meat on this taco.)
9. Lettuce and spinach blend for salads (A little extra fiber + a little extra hydration = winning!)
10. Shredded coconut (Oh where have you been all my life! 1 tsp = 0 pts sweet pick-me-up)

Moral of the story: Explore foods. Make it an adventure to try healthier foods. You may find that some are much tastier than you think. ;)

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