Friday, October 28, 2011

I call this game..."What if I went vegan?"

Vegan is the new everything apparently. Everyone is talking about it or doing it. I have felt the difference that is not eating meat or dairy so I'm exploring whether or not I want to marry this way of life (along with going gluten free).
In making this decision, I decided to play a game. (Take that World Series! lol)

What if I went vegan? aka What would I eat? bean tacos (NO sour cream and cheese) with salsa, avocados, mushrooms, cucumbers and in a corn tortilla.

2. Broccoli salad with dressing, fresh broccoli stalks, broccoli slaw, and dried cranberries, (no bacon bits or cheese. BOO!)

3. Red cabbage and apple salad (YAY!! Maybe I can do this!)

4. Frozen Banana Faux-Ice cream

5. Coconut Milk Ice Cream

6. SLAW!! (I may be able to live off of slaw. I hate the mayonnaise style sauces, but I can eat slaw with a vinaigrette any day)

7. Plantains (fried or mashed. Can't lose here!)

8. Cucumbers and Hummus

9. Cinnamon Roasted Cashews

10. Roasted mushrooms (with....a baked potato! I can get with that!)

11. Roasted peppers (with....rice?)

12. Green beans topped with oriental carrot dressing

13. Collard greens (without the meat flavors...hmmm, that's a tough one!)

14. Avocados (with....onions, and ummm...)

15. Veggie sushi rolls (I'm so in my happy place right now.)

16. Candied Ginger (Don't knock it til you try it :)

17. Ginger Beer (not beer as you know it. Think an elevated ginger ale. Oh so good!)

18. French fries (Whoop! Whoop!!)

Okay, that's not bad for a first time list. This may be possible after all....

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