Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Green Pea Soup

Apparently, I like peas. Thank you Green Pea Risotto for opening my eyes. You can read about that experience here.

Last night I made a green pea puree as part of our dinner and today that puree was transformed into a very tasty soup for lunch. 

I wish I would have written down the exact measurements of these recipes, but here it goes...from memory. 

Green Pea Puree

1 can of green peas (drained)
1 serving of miso soup (sans the tofu squares)
2 tbl olive oil
1tsp minced garlic

Blend all ingredients in the blender until desired consistency. It was surprisingly good, but I wouldn't recommend eating more than a couple tablespoons of it at a time. I served it alongside roasted potatoes and tilapia. The tilapia was cooked simply in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

Green Pea Soup

Remainder of Green Pea Puree (There was quite a bit leftover. I didn't measure it, but I am thinking it was about 1c of puree)

Fresh Rosemary
8 oz Chicken Stock 
Curry Powder
1 tbl broccoli slaw 

Heat chicken stock and add fresh rosemary, curry powder, and cumin to taste. I added just enough curry so that I could taste it, but not enough to completely overpower the stock. Use it how you like it though! I then added the green pea puree and allowed the soup to simmer as I cooked up some garlic toast. It was served in a mug. Straining the soup is a good idea, but I like getting the fiber from the peas so I let it be. It was served in a mug, and then topped with about 1tbl of broccoli slaw for added crunch and nutrition. 
This was also ridiculously easy, but so unbelievably delicious. I will DEFINITELY be making this again! 

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