Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you have a MOD?

I have a MOD.

It's the Meal of the Day. Don't fret. I'm not saying to eat one meal a day. What I'm referring to is that meal that you eat that seems to hits all cylinders. It tastes amazing, satisfies the belly, is nutritious, and..oh-yeah it's well within your budgeted points+ or calories. 

Let's be honest. Not all meals hit the spot like a MOD. Some are satisfying, but not nutritious. Another may be nutritious, but it only tastes only "okay". You know what I mean.

Just like "The Other Sister" (great movie!), there will always be those "other meals". However, MODs are anything, but just another meal. When those other meals whisper, "You can't do this. You will never be one of those healthier and smaller girls.You love food way too much." MODs scream, "You got this! You CAN do this!" 

Got it? Good.

 I will post a MOD everyday. It will be a picture of the meal in all it's glory with a brief description of what's on the plate...starting in just a few minutes. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, start thinking. Do you have a MOD?

E-mail them to me at Kristyna.Richards@gmail.com. Be sure to include a pic and the brief description. If you count point+ values or calories, be sure to include those too.

Happy MOD Hunting to ya!

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