Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Lipstick and Gym Shorts

Not too long ago, my workout mantra was, "Ugly". I liked working out ugly, and I liked it a lot. The girl with the slightly high water, baggy pants and worn out grey hoodie with the hole in the elbow was me. I was proud of it, and frankly I have no real regrets. However, there's been a change...a change for the better.

It started with Zumba. The mirrors in the fitness studio made it quite evident that I needed new workout clothes. Truthfully, the fact that I was still wearing the same workout clothes all the while being 40+lbs lighter, should have given it away....but I digress. I brought new workout clothes. Comfy. Body hugging workout clothes that go perfectly with my vibrams. I had no idea the difference it would make on the outside and the inside.

During my workouts, I was lighter so I worked out harder. The special fabric behind my knees gave me the support that I needed in that area. The difference was obvious. My body thanked me.

Inside I became more confident. The workout clothes and the effect of Zumba reminded me that I am a woman. Though my actual workout may be ugly with sweat and the look of determination, my workout clothes are nice. My movement is beautiful (in it's own way), and guess the middle of my workout, I smile. Tonight I smiled with my full lips adorned with pink lipstick as the sweat rolled down my brow and past my yellow earrings. I burned 507 calories in 35 minutes of being on the elliptical.

I am a strong woman, a pretty woman, and I think it's starting to show.

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