Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weight Watchers versus IHOP

Well, it was about 11:40am and yes I was still in bed. Sorry but staying up until 3am can take a toll on a gal!
Anyhow, my husband says to me, "Can you be ready in 20 minutes? Charles wants to meet up at IHOP for lunch."

Up and away I went and miraculously we arrived at our destination at 12:16pm. (If you know my husband and I at all, you know just how good that was! lol)

Next was the real challenge. Hunger had begun to settle in, and we were in the land of all things breakfast. Oh and I L-O-V-E breakfast. Armed with my WW daily point value of 34, I decided that I would behave. Then the visual image of my husband (who eats everything and gains nothing) and his best friend eating tons of carb and sugar laden treats flashed through my mind. No bueno.

I decided that I wanted pancakes. Oddly enough, I rarely eat or desire to eat pancakes.

Long story short. I settled for the plate that included 2 buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, and 2 slices of bacon. I added banana and whipped cream to my pancakes. Ha! How do you like me now?

It was awesome.

I should add that I had turkey bacon and egg beaters instead of their traditional counterparts. However, it was still awesome!

I was completely stuffed. The sweetest part of the deal is my meal (complete with two cups of coffee with half and half) totaled 10 points.

Yea buddy!!! have I t old you lately how much I LOVE weight watchers. Weight Watchers comes away with the win. It always works out that way! hubby and I are running late...AGAIN! Off I go.


  1. Cute! Key is not depriving yourself and psyching yourself out by planning to leave 15 minutes earlier than you really want to! This way if you're late for that deadline you're still early! LOL Good luck Sister!

  2. Thanks darling! I got to work on psyching myself out because my tardiness has been out of control lately! lol